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General FAQ's

In these FAQ pages we aim to provide all the answers to Frequently Asked Questions aksed by our visitors.

Why exsists
Slowly there is a growing need for plus-size models. It is no longer the case that you have to be pin-thin and extremely tall to be a model. Many modeling agencies worldwide have plus-size divisions now. Plus-size models are deemed, by the agencies representing them, to be any model that does not meet the standard sizing of regular models. Plus-size models are generally, in the US, UK and Australia (regardless of equivalent sizing) models that measure above the standard regular model bust-waist-hips measurements of 36-24-36. This opened up a variety of Plus-size Model measurement combination and the collection of models in this market has become greatly diverse. There may well be a growing need for plus-size models today but as a client the challenge is finding the model with the right measurements for their needs. When searching for a regular model, the issue of size is virtually not existent because agencies tend to only represent regular models that fit narrow measurement criteria. At we believe we have created a true innovative plus-size model directory where the user can literally search multiple measurement criteria to filter and find the right Model and measurement combination.
How do I create my Model Profile?
We have tried to make the process of creating a Model Profile as easy as possible. To create a Model Profile simply click on BECOME A MODEL to create your account. Once you have submitted you information and at least one image you will be contacted within 2 weeks if there is any interest.
Can anyone join
Yes. However in order for your profile to be displayed we ask that you meet at least most the model critria. model critria
Firstly you need make sure you qualify as a “model” and then as a “plus size” model. The requirements for plus-size modelling are not very different from those of other types of modelling.
You are:
  • Female
  • 18yr or over – If you are under 18ys please read our Under 18s Model Profile policy
  • Plus-size – Generally rangeing from a UK size 12-24
  • 5’5″ and above
  • Impeccable grooming routine
  • Suitable appearance
  • Good bone structure
  • Well-proportioned and healthy body
You have
  • Professional pictures/book/Test Shots –Contact us if you meet all other requirements except this one.
  • Modelling experience
  • Model training –Contact us if you meet all other requirements except this one.. Compnies such as Infront of the Camera offer model training workshops.
In general the Plus-size Models on Plus-Size Models must have:
  • A personality that is likable, adaptable, sincere and easy to work with
  • The right look and proportions for the job
  • Patience
  • Punctuality
  • A flexible schedule
We also recommend you read Sabine Gruchet’s blog  – Aspiring Plus-Size Models beware!